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The Plan


 Do you have a plan? I have been obsessing about this idea for the last few weeks. Wondering how the average PhD student negotiates a research life – that involves hours of reading and writing – with the ‘real’ life of work and family. How do you do it? Do you have a plan? A timetable? A life motto?

My research has involved scanning hundreds of blogs and websites around using, making and creating the ultimate work life planner. And to the stationery obsessed me this has been a delight and a welcome distraction.

But at the end of the day whether you use Evernote, an online calendar, paper diary, Filofax or planner – nothing works if you don’t use it. You have to USE IT.

So when it comes to my research life I need to make small inroads, accepting that there will be times of plenty and times of famine. That at different stages of my working life I will be able to give it more.

A fellow researcher once told me that I need to do a little a lot. My contribution will in the end be one brick in the wall. A small addition to knowledge and ideas. But it helps to define the overall strength and integrity of the wall. And I need to keep working. One step at a time. Doing a little a lot.

That my friend is the plan. Doing a little a lot.


One thought on “The Plan

  1. msimkin says:

    This is so true, not that I am undertaking a PhD. Studying Curation this term I realised that there is an aspect of compulsive collection to my life that is generally out of control! I also realised that this is typical of so many people in our hyperconnected world. Since then I have done some serious tidying up and so far I have no regrets!
    Studying is like parenting – grab spare moments and do what you can. Cumulatively you win. It is unrealistic to expect an uninterrupted spell of immersion – and probably unhealthy too.

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