Powerpoint, research, Storyboards

Storyboards and PhD Research


Twitter is revealing all sorts of treasure to me. I am like a kid in a candy shop. I have stopped pinning pretty pics on Pinterest and filling my Instagram feed in favour of this new ‘intellectual’ and brain busting social media. I know it is not new and I joined Twitter way back when….. but I have never really put it to work for me. As a researcher and writer it is truly coming into its own – with some challenging and interesting material. Delivered to me on a silver platter.

As I am punching the keyboard this morning trying to make sense of of my research question I ‘stumbled’ (think took a a break via Twitter) across the concept of using a story board technique to define, organise and collate my ideas. I L.O.V.E. this idea. I often find myself making poster size flow charts of ideas, complete with post it notes. So the idea of story boarding confirms the validity of this old school approach. But the new twist is to use Powerpoint as a tool to create each board. Simple but effective. I can edit, share, re-organise each slide as it was a board.

This ideas is attributed to Writing For Research @Write4Research driven by Prof Patrick Dunleavy.


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