Arts Based Research

ART Construction and Transformation


This week I have been doing more reading and thinking about Arts Based Research. I have been trying to capture the history of ABR and how it applies to educational research; to understand educators who dared to apply an arts based way of thinking and research to teaching and learning, well before it was accepted as a ‘real’ methodology.

I like the challenge of seeing the world a little differently. Arts Based Educational Research aims to be transformative.

ABER is judged on merit of its illuminating effect-its ability to reveal what has not been noticed; generativity – its ability to promote questions; incisiveness – ability to focus tightly on educationally salient issues; generalizability – relevance to phenomena outsideĀ  the research text. Barone and Eisner(1997) p 102

Barone, T., & Eisner, E. (1997). Arts-based educational research. Complementary methods for research in education, 2, 75-116.


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