Rural Women Educators, Women and Leadership

Lean In and Learn to Lead


Lean In. I am inspired to think more about the complexity of leadership and gender after visiting Lean In.

The McKinsey Quarerly published this article in 2008.

Centered leadership: How talented women thrive by Joanna Barsh, Susie Cranston, and Rebecca A. Craske

The aim of the  McKinsey Leadership Project—an initiative to help professional women at McKinsey and elsewhere, was to ‘learn what drives and sustains successful female leaders.’

We know women can lead and we know they can achieve amazing results in their company, organization or school. But the reality has been that the gap between men and women in terms of leadership opportunity and building leadership capacity continues to widen.

What the McKinsey report articulates is a model for leadership, that is relevant to men and women.

The aim is to encourage and empower women in leadership. My dream is to encourage and empower women to embrace leadership roles in education. In a profession that is primarily female dominated there are few female leaders.

If you happen to be a rural woman in education there are other, additional complex obstacles.

What do we do? Lean in and learn to lead.


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