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Where Are All of the Female Leaders?

This honest Blog post by Pernille Ripp articulates many of the issues and concerns I have been grappling with as I undertake research into the role of leadership on the professional identity of rural women in education. Somehow the notion of women and leader and educator causes a general panic. Questions of doing it all, having it all, work life balance are all thrown at she who tries to be a leader in education and retain a life of one’s own – be it partner, kids, other interests and passions. There are additional constraints for women in a Rural context. We need to put this issue on the table. Will you join the discussion?

where are

One of the most asked questions I get wherever I go is; how do you do it all?  And by all they mean be a mother, wife, teacher, author, and speaker and still seem somewhat normal.  Not dazed, not frazzled, not crazy.  I wish I had an amazing answer or  a magical formula that would somehow give me more hours in the day and peace of mind to the person asking.  But I always answer honestly; I don’t.  There’s a balance and sometimes that balance shifts one way or another, but I never lose track of what is most important.  Yet, the many times I have been asked that question, I cannot help but wonder; how many times has that same question been asked to my male counterparts?  To those male educators that seem to have a million things going on as well.  Do they get asked how they do it all…

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