Professional Learning Networks, Women and Leadership

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My head is a swirl of new ideas, technology, research ideas, people, networks, future pathways.

My heart is heavy with missed opportunity, the weight of change, the frustration of progress, the feeling of isolation.

It has been some years since I was an undergraduate. During my initial degree everything took time. Hours were spent in the basement locating journals, queuing up to photocopy articles and essays. Then there was a…typewriter which I never mastered, lots of cutting and pasting of essay notes, journal notebooks and a beloved leather satchel.

Today I can do it all with my laptop, or ipad or smartphone even. When I am stuck waiting for an appointment I can read on Kindle or Evernote something I have saved. If I am struck by an idea I can note it on my phone or make an audio recording.

This is progress and it has meant that as a Doctoral student my research has some sense of ease about it.

But wait…there is more. I can avoid the ‘feeling’ of isolation by connecting to various online communities.

Twitter has revealed some of its potential to me recently via a great online chat #satchatoc on Women as Educational Leadership. The storify is here. Through this chat I have ‘met’ others who have something to say about the conversation that puts women, leadership and education on the table. I can tap into their research ideas, professional learning, blogs, stories and opinions.

I also audited an online conference and contributed to the discussion with hundreds of other educators.

I love this aspect of technology. Connection.

But there is no face to greet me as I stumble into the office. No colleague to share a coffee with and chat about research progress. No one to ask how was your weekend?

So whilst this online thing is amazing I am craving the real world just as much. Maybe more.

How do you do in your online Professional Learning Networks?


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