Hattie, professional learning

“Too many students come to school to watch their teachers work.” Hattie


Do we see better student learning outcomes with smaller class sizes? Sometimes. Not Always.

Hattie (2015) says  of learning and class sizes:

“Hattie argues that enhancing teacher expertise through targeted professional development and collegial learning is crucial to more effectively managing smaller classes so that student learning is maximised. Among other practical things, this would mean that teachers in the classroom resist the urge to take up for themselves the learning time and space that smaller classes can create.”

We have all seen teachers whether they be in Early years education, senior secondary or a tertiary setting, take up more time for instruction, teacher reflection or digression than is necessary. The result being teaching and learning time is lost. Compromised.

Let us create spaces and places where students learn and where smaller groups gain from learning collaboratively. Professional development  and learning is key. Commitment to ‘learning how to learn’ in the classroom may be the challenge.  Let us not be teachers who our students come to ‘watch work.’

*Hattie , J.(2015) What doesn’t work in Education: The Politics of Distraction, Pearson.


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