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The Key to Powerful Learning

LLavesThe most powerful aspect of TeachMeet, Twitter and other teacher-driven professional learning is the element of choice.   

Matthew Esterman

I have been pondering this comment from Mr Esterman who blogs here. The power of professional learning is choice. There is no one size fits all. Learning is organic, dynamic, constantly changing and transforming itself as we encounter new ideas, understandings and a range of face to face and online networks. But we need to own it. Own the process and choose to allow it to be powerful.

The challenge for me it to enact these choices in a context that finds change difficult; in a context that finds new modes of professional learning difficult to ‘see’.

A “Teacherwhat?” I hear people ask. “In my own time?” another colleague mutters. “Twitter. I just do Facebook,” responds yet another fellow teacher.

I am choosing to learn. To be shaped by the amazing world out there that inspires, challenges and extends my thinking, learning, teaching and knowledge. But how do we engage others to choose teacher led professional learning? Teacher…..tell me?


One thought on “The Key to Powerful Learning

  1. msimkin says:

    This is interesting to ponder. As someone with years of experience I find it increasingly difficult to be told what I must do and what I need to learn. Professionally I am quite capable of knowing what I need to improve or master next. Most of the learning I access comes from my own need to conquer something, much along the lines of the theme of Tom Barrett’s post: and I struggle to understand why other educators do not feel this urge to learn more. Telling teachers what they must learn is never as effective as giving them a choice (just like working with students!).

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