coaching, professional learning

The Power of One


There are moments when you cannot see the way forward. The trees morph into a forest that is impenetrable. The light is consumed by the dense branches overhead and you are literately stumbling around on the path, hoping to progress. Hoping to reach your destination, hoping to be found perhaps along the way.

There is a need for one. One other to support you along the journey. There is power in one.

I have yearned for a spiritual mentor, a creative friend, a wiser older woman, but I have realised that there is not one person who ticks all the boxes. Not a partner, a colleague, a supervisor or therapist. I see now that there is power in one person that effectively operates as a coach. Inviting me to reflect, think, critique and grow. They appear for a season and help me to to maintain momentum. Edge forward. Transform my thinking, my perspective, my purpose.

My work as a coach in education has been enlightening. Coaching is a powerful  and effective professional learning tool. My work as a creative coach has rendered similar results. The coachee is empowered by entering into the ‘relationship.’

But the power has been just as significant for me as the coach. I don’t believe any on us can coach and not be transformed by the process. So whether it is a formal work opportunity to coach or an informal arrangement with a friend or family member, building coaching into your daily practice holds great potential and power.


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