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Research Hack


I have been preoccupied with this idea that I may not be researching in an ‘optimal’ manner. Think smart, effective, strategic.

I had heard some where that google scholar was a uuummm- yes, you guessed it. A no no.

This has prompted some general conversation with my supervisor and a flurry of emails to my university librarian. Help!

Weeks later I am still waiting to hear back from my librarian for an email or Skype conversation. In the meantime I have made friends with google scholar again and  she and I are doing fine.

This article by writing for research on “Doing a Quick Literature Review” sets out helpful strategies and guidelines for all types of research. It is the article I wish I had stumbled across early in my PhD. So when I meet newbie PhD students who is burdened by trivial questions like which citation manager should I use and how should I find the literature for my review – I will direct them to this blogpost and give them permission to let google scholar hack into that research bubble and make a grand start.


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