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Coaching and Identity



I have started reading more about coaching. The formal process and underlying ideas that speak to the benefits of coaching in education. I am always looking for the connection between professional learning and identity formation. This image from Growth Coaching International uses the idea of GROWTH – Goals, Reality, Options, Will, Tactics and Habits, to define and  capture what is happening in the coaching relationship. Trust is being built as the relationship develops, as goals are articulated and achieved.

Professional identity is constantly being formed and reformed as the personal and professional selves interact with one another. Coaching therefore is as much as about shaping identity and allowing the professional self to shine as it is about meeting goals. It is a transaction between head and heart, which is why those who are evangelists for coaching know the power and complexity of change that is taking place in both the coach and the coachee.

My Professional Learning Network has supported many of my ideas around coaching and identity.

These blogs (Chris and Deb) have directed  recent adventures in coaching and identity as  has the educoachOC  blog.



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