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Research, Reading and Relaxation


The life of the PhD student does not grind to a halt when the rest of the world takes a vacation. In the midst of Christmas and New Year celebrations, time at the beach and basking in the Australian Summer sun there is still that thread of ideas that keeps surfacing, begging for attention.

For me the struggle to spend time with the family and relax versus  reading and writing is a real one. At best I am reading a chapter here or there, making notes in Evernote, engaging in some brief Twitter dialogue and writing Рwell writing in my head. The new year will be about me collecting data Рmoving out from behind my desk/book/journal and meeting people. I am just a little bit excited ( actually a lot) about re-entering the real world and mixing with Rural women leaders in education.

A grand story is about to unfold and I am very excited about that. For now I am learning how to relax, kinda, sorta….maybe. Enjoy your sunshine. x


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