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Education has taught us that we have smashed many glass ceilings over the decades – so where are the women leaders? There are plenty of female teachers of course, so one wonders where they vanish to? Do they prefer the classroom and shy away from promotions? Are they deciding to focus on their own families? Are they lacking the confidence? Are they being thwarted at interview? Do they deselect themselves?

These ideas are offered  by Keziah Featherstone.

Why are so many women in education lost? Unable to navigate the path to leadership, to find the support and encouragement they need to gain experience and build the skills they need to lead. For a profession dominated by women why are there so many women MIA – Missing in Action. A group of passionate women in educational leadership from the UK are behind the #womened hashtag. It is a grassroots movement connecting existing and aspiring leaders in education, and working to create more equitable leadership across the profession. 

Are you a woman educator who is LOST? Maybe you know someone who is? Care to share a story here?




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