Education, gender, identity, leadership

More Paradox from Ms Tamboukou



I have written about Maria Tamboukou’s article before here. Today as I skimmed my readings again these quotes sat heavily with me.

I was a teacher. I never wanted to be, and now that I’ve stopped, I never will be again, but for several years it took my heart. I entered a place of darkness, a long tunnel of days: retreat from the world. I want to explain, to tell what it is I know. Teaching young children must always be, in some way or other, a retreat from general social life and from fully adult relationships, a way of becoming Lucy Snowe’s dormouse, rolled up in the prisonhouse, the schoolroom. (Steedman, 1992, p. 52)
The staffroom is full of women eating cottage cheese or grapefruit. Each of them knows about diet and eating and sexuality. They are willing and happy to talk about these, caught inside what they are: the unique combination of worker and woman, dependent and independent, free and trapped.(Walkerdine, 1990, p. 28)

My heart is heavy reviewing these reflections that are dark, trapped; but I am also excited about the possibility of giving voice to women in leadership in education. Making stories, creating meaning and giving identity and life. Light in the darkness, as they connect, reflect and open.


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