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Are you with me? Have you heard this term saturate the media. I am reading about it, hearing about it, listening as it rolls of the tip of the tongue of our social commentators. A disruptor. Are you a disruptor?

It seems the rest of the world is preoccupied with innovation and entrepreneurs. We are on the look out for the next big idea, process or product. The person who will not just take us from a to b, but move us beyond what we thought was even possible in our field.

According to Caroline Howard ‘disruptors are innovators but not all innovators are disruptors.’ A disruptor is someone who can can displace something in the market or industry and replace it with something new, efficient and worthwhile. Someone who is creative and determined and willing to take risks.

But how do we be disruptors when it comes to teaching and learning? How can we embrace that new, impactful thinking, process or product in our teaching? How do we apply it to our own professional learning? Think Wikipedia and the way it has radically changed the way we access information, fast. Or the digital camera and personal smartphone. There are examples of disruptive innovation in our home and workspaces, it is everywhere. But to be the one, the person with that idea, a seed for change.  Are you willing to make some changes and be the disruptor in your school or educational organisation?

I wonder what it would look like….




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