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The one that got away



I am on the cusp of interviews; that is right I am getting ready to enter the ‘real world’ of data collection. As  part of my preparation I have been  reflecting on some of the different interview situations that I have found myself in during my career in education.

My first job interview as a Graduate teacher.

An interview for a position of responsibility.

A telephone interview for a job on the other side of the world – I sat in my PJ’s at one o’clock in the morning.

Being on an interview panel with HR for new staff.

Conducting interviews for a University research project.

Interviewing students about their learning.

Parent/teacher interviews.

We learn so much about communicating, asking questions, explaining ideas as we engage in the process of teaching and learning. We reflect, analyse and create as we coach our colleagues, lead our department and cast a vision to our school. But we are all human. We can all remember that one question that got away, the one we forgot to follow up on. And it may even have been an important one.

So I want to be prepared and avoid the one that got away. Tell me how you prepare for an interview, what are your tips  for formulating questions, how do you listen actively, interpret body language and silence. I look forward to your stories.



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