Education, Women and Leadership

The Boss



Women and leadership. I am sure I we could learn a thing or to from Gina Torres’ character Jessica Pearson in the USA network TV series Suits. Yes it is glamorous, the fashion is outrageously good, if not unbelievable and it is set in New York. But it is the interactions, the quick wit and exchanges between those working in the large law firm that keep me coming back. And let’s face it is refreshing to see a confident, sexy, no nonsense woman at the top do her job and lead. Being the boss.

In the latest series 6 episode 2 Jessica says to Louis¬† Litt something along of the lines of –

Louis you are not good at self reflection, but if someone holds up the mirror you are not afraid to look.

As I am in throws of confirming participants for my research project and starting the interview process I am encountering some women who are afraid to look. Afraid to reflect, to take the time to recount their journey, to pause and connect the dots. To me this says so much. I am too busy. I am worried about what I might say. I don’t have time. I am used to being silent.

And it causes me to ask myself, am I too busy to look in the mirror and really look at who I am. This is the story of women and leadership, the journey, the triumphs and the challenges. It is a story of identity and ‘who am I’. It is your story too.


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