Women and Leadership

Women Leaders in Education Matter


image: pexel.com

We all know the stats, the education sector is dominated by women and yet they are largely underrepresented in the area of educational leadership. According the to Fulger’s Huffington post article:

Put simply, women are doing the work while men are making the decisions.

This situation matters because education is integral to shaping the future of the next generation. Women need to be seen as shakers and movers, as leading and managing, as casting the vision for the future. Women need to be shaping the decisions that are made about teaching and learning, growing the education profession, influencing policy and keeping the government accountable.

This issue matters because women have so much to offer.

Women don’t want to just talk about ‘kids and casseroles’ or work life balance. Women want to enjoy their family but they want equal pay, equal opportunity and an acknowledgement that they contribute to so much of the conversation about teaching and learning and the future of education.

So I urge you to take a look around at your school or local education space and ask the question: where are all the female leaders? What are the women doing in your school? Who is doing the teaching? Who is doing the leading? Women leaders in education matter.



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