coaching, Women and Leadership



Is this you?

Organizations, structures, hierarchical leadership structures can all influence how much and how often women feel that they are allowed to speak. Sometimes they believe that they are actively being silenced and are no longer seen and heard by those around them. So they stop talking.

Some women struggle with self doubt and lack confidence to push a new idea onto the table. To challenge an established practice, to question decision making, to offer an alternative. Women often struggle to play big and be their best selves. Women find themselves apologising for their ideas, their presence, their failures. It can be easy not to say anything at all.

But. Women have a voice. Women have ideas, beliefs and dreams for a bigger and better future. They can play big in their home, family or work space; on a local, national or global scale.

Women need someone close to support and mentor them. To encourage them to speak, take risks, problem solve and find new ways of being heard.

If this is you, coaching could be the vehicle to find your voice, regain your confidence and make your mark on the world.

As I continue this research journey examining the intersection between leadership, gender and professional learning in constructing professional identity, I can see the importance of coaching to support women. Coaching women into Playing Big.(Mohr, 2014)




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