#survivephd15, identity, Phd Journey

Keeping it Real


Walking the Dog.

This is a journal of PhD ideas. But grappling with research about women (yes, I am a woman) I am confronted by the reality that it cannot all be about theory. It is not enough to understand the theoretical framework underpinning this research idea or that methodology. I need to acknowledge the blood and guts, the core of who I am as researcher.The professional and personal intersect and continually compete for attention. There is tension.  And this is it, the practical reality of my day.

I am a woman.

I am a researcher. I am an educator.

I am a wife and mother of five.

This day I am preparing for a 7th birthday party, making cakes,treat bags and planning party games.

I am tidying the house. I am doing the grocery shopping.

I am answering emails. Checking Twitter.

I am blogging.Keeping up with my research journal. Adding another 500 words to my methodology chapter.

I am listening to ABBA.

Somewhere  in the day I will get my hair cut.

I have parent teacher meetings. School pick ups.

I am completing tasks for my online Coaching course.

I am sending messages to friends – too time poor to call.

I squeezed in a 5 minute reading, reflection and prayer.

I will walk the dog. Feed the animals.

I will listen to radio national while making fruit kebabs.

I will revisit how I want to present this PhD by project and let my wild, creative imagination escape for a moment.

I will update the family diary. Add in new sporting commitments, formal dinner dances.

I may even pay some bills, RSVP to an invitation.

After the SPY party is over I will prepare dinner and enjoy a glass of red.

I will tuck small people into bed.

I will work some more, writing and reading for the PhD.

I may catch up on Bloodlines on Netflix.

I may crochet – aka therapy.

I will say goodnight to the older kids.

And collapse into bed with my man.


Tomorrow I will do it all again.






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